As well as creating hundreds of new homes for people, the Brough South Consortium is also dedicated to providing a range of ecological enhancements around the Brough South Development and providing a valuable home for wildlife.

To manage this part of the development, the consortium created the Brough South Ecological Management Group, which includes representatives of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, the RSPB, Natural England, and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Early assessment of the site concluded Brough South could play a vital role in supporting populations of waders, in particular Curlew, Lapwing, and Golden Plover and 90 acres of land adjacent to the Humber have been dedicated as a Nature Reserve and a number of ecological enhancements have been made to provide the necessary habit these species require. These include:

  • The creation of a water basin which doubles as an essential flood retention system, and provides attractive habitat for water voles, waders, and ground nesting birds
  • A fence around the former airfield to protect ground nesting birds against predatory species and domestic pets
  • Retention and management of grasslands and reed beds, which provide vital habitat for many species of wildlife

Studies conducted by the RSPB have shown that the area is having a beneficial effect on the biodiversity by attracting additional wildlife and new species to the area.

To ensure residents and visitors to the area can learn about the importance of the conservation work as well as the different species they can see, information boards have also been erected around the site.

The Brough South Consortium would like to thank local residents for helping create the wildlife haven and for not letting dogs run free on the sensitive areas.